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Cherry Cutting Board

Cherry Cutting Board

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Our cutting boards can be used by your everyday home cook or your seasoned chef.  They are extremely durable and only require normal maintenance.**  

These boards are easy to clean and maintain and will come ready to use and pre-conditioned.

Small - 6" x 13"

Medium - 8" x 15" 

Large - 6" x 20"

We can make our boards with either Edge, End, or Face grain.  What's the difference you ask? 

A Face Grain board will show the natural grain of a piece of wood, but it will also show knife marks faster than the other two grains.  Due to this, it is not recommended to select this grain if you plan on using it for heavy chopping.

An Edge Grain board is tougher than a Face Grain board and does not require as much maintenance as an End Grain Board.  These boards do not soak up as much moisture as the other two due to the grain not being exposed.  This means that it is less likely to warp or crack if you do not regularly maintain the board.

An End Grain board is the most durable, less likely to dull your knife, and does not show knife marks as easy.  These tend to be used primarily for chopping and as butcher blocks.

*NOT Dishwasher Safe.  Hand-wash only.*

**Requires conditioning/oiled every 1-3 months depending on use, or when the board starts to dry out**